• Average processing time - FOUR business days
  • USA Processing - All work is performed in our US facility
  • Personalized service - We offer service at a level our competitors cannot match
  • Unmatched customer service - We are available by phone or e-mail to answer your questions every day from 8 am - 10 pm
  • We do not offer various levels of service. Our price structure is based on resolution. Each customer receives the same great service and product quality.
  • Cropping
  • Manual basic color correction
  • Rotation - Proper landscape or portrait orientation
  • No additional charge for photos up to 12" x 17"
  • No additional charge for named folders
  • All slide and negative orders include the use of software to remove dust and scratches
  • Images placed on a DVD
Compare the following features:
  • D.P.I. - Lower d.p.i. scans may result in lower quality scans
  • Many of our competitors will offer "teaser" pricing and then up-charge for features that Scan To Digital provides at no additional charge
  • Is all work completed in the USA?
  • Do they charge extra for sorting, cropping, rotation, scanning to multiple named folders? These features are included with Scan To Digital's pricing
  • Beware of services that charge based on tiered pricing. If you send in fewer images than the maximum allowed you could be paying substantially more per scanned image.
Simply mail up to 10 photos, slides, or negative frames with your completed order form to us. We will scan your images and ship them back to you at no cost. You can see the quality of our work for yourself.


What a great service. 1/2 the price and twice the dpi of a lot of similar services. I sent a disorganized box of about 530 slides and and in a few days had it all digitized and ready for viewing. Couldn’t be happier with the service. Just sent another box of slides and negatives for processing.
— Jim M - North Carolina
Best Deal! I’ve used 2 other services...both more expensive and not as easy to use. Less prep on my part to sort photos plus I got to have them in folders. 1200 photos for the first round. I’m already getting another order together. Great quality. When I actually have a good experience with a service - I’m amazed.
— Susan O - California
Their service is amazing and my photos look great. I had a complicated order with 1096 photos of different sizes in 25 different envelopes. Everything was scanned and adjusted perfectly. Then all of my photos were returned in their original envelopes,in order. Not only that, they were the best value at only 15 cents per picture. I was super impressed and am recommending them to all of my friends.
— Thomas T - Colorado