Scan To Digital Photo

Gather your photos, negatives, and slides and place them in the order and groups you would like them scanned. Food storage bags are a great way to separate photos. If you prefer to have a group of images scanned to a specific folder, write the name of the folder on the outside of the bag, Example: “Billy’s 10th Birthday” or “1975″. Counting and sorting images is a decision left to the customer. We will automatically count your images during the scanning process.


Complete or submit the order form. Do not send payment with your order. We will bill you via email once processing is complete.

Place your images in a sturdy shipping box. Use packing material to prevent shifting.   Ship your package using UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS. We strongly recommend purchasing tracking and insurance for your package.

Scan To Digital Email

We will notify you by e-mail once we receive your package. We will convert your images to digital copies and perform any other services requested.

Scan To Digital Invoice

Once processing is complete we will bill you via e-mail. Once payment is received, your original images along with any products ordered are mailed to you by your choice of USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS.