Why convert to digital?

Why should I have my photos, slides, and negatives  converted to digital?

Having your older images converted to digital makes sense for several reasons:
●  You will have a copy of these images to place in a safe place in case of fire, theft, accidents, etc.
●  Family photos can be shared among various family members.  No need to “share” the family photo albums.
●  Photos, slides, and negatives degrade over time.  Converting to digital will allow you to preserve the quality of your images.
●  Converting to digital will also allow you to share photos via e-mail or have pictures placed on a slide show DVD.

Why can’t I scan my images myself?

You can.   However, We have the equipment, software, and resources so that you do not have to.  Scanning images is a tedious process.  In as little as 4 business days you can have all of your memories preserved, archived, and ready to view.  DVD slide shows make great gifts to relatives and friends.  In short, you have better things to do with your time and money.

The Process

How long does the process take?

Our average processing time is 4 business days per 1,000 photos or 500 slides / negative frames.  Processing time is based on current orders and does not include shipping time.   Larger orders may need additional time to process.  Your order is returned as soon as it is processed.

Do you have a minimum order amount?


Will my images be returned?

Yes, your original photos, slides, and negatives  are returned with your order.

Will you scan my images in the order I have placed them?

Yes,  We will scan your images in the order received.

Will you scan my images to specific folders?

Yes.  We can scan your images to specific named folders based on how we receive your sorted photos.


Where do I ship my order?

Images can be mailed to:

Scan To Digital
2801 Wade Hampton Boulevard
Suite 115 #181
Taylors, SC 29687

We strongly recommend that you purchase both insurance and tracking when shipping your images. Scan To Digital can not be responsible for lost, misdirected, or damaged mail.

Are my images safe?

Absolutely, your images are handled carefully while in the possession of Scan To Digital. Your images are scanned in our U.S. based facility.  We do not ship your order for international processing as some of our competitors do.   Your images are returned to you via your choice of carrier.

How do you handle shipping costs?

We will ship your complete order based on the information you provide on your order form. We will bill you the actual cost for return shipping.  We do not up-charge for shipping.  You can choose any method of shipment .   Scan To Digital can not be responsible for lost, misdirected, or damaged mail.   We will e-mail you the tracking number of the return package once we ship.


Will my photos be copy protected?  Will I be able to edit my digital photos?

Your photos are not copy protected.  These photos can be edited with your software as you wish.

What photo dimensions do you accept for scanning?

Photo scanning is limited to a maximum size of 12″ x 17″.

Are my photos kept confidential?

Yes, your photos are kept confidential and are not distributed, sold, or used for any other purpose.

I have some pictures that are bent, curled or have glue on the back. Can you scan these pictures?

Yes.  We will contact you if we encounter any problems with your order.

Do you require that I sort my pictures by size?

No , unlike our competitors, Scan To Digital does not require that your sort your photos by size.  We will scan your photos in the order you provide.  We do ask that you secure your photos in this order to eliminate shifting of your photos during shipping.

What file format do you use to scan my photos?

We use high quality JPEG as the output file type.

What resolution should I choose?

We recommend 600 d.p.i.

Do I need to count my pictures?

No.  We include image rotation, cropping, basic photo enhancements, and an accurate count of your photos as part of our service.  Counting and organizing your photos are left to personal preference.

What if I want just the unedited scan of each picture, no color correction?

Please place a note in the “Special Instructions” section of the Order Form.

Slides / Negatives

What types of slides can you scan?

We can scan all types of mounted slides.  Please note that slides not in a 2" x 2" mount will be scanned at a higher per slide rate based on the additional labor to process these slide types.  .

What types of negatives can you scan?

We offer scanning of 35mm, 110, 126, 127, disc, medium, and large format negatives.  Please note that non-35mm negatives will be scanned at a higher per negative frame rate based on the additional labor to process these negative types. 

Will you clean my slides or negatives prior to scanning?

No.  We recommend that you clean your slides and negatives prior to shipping.  Microfiber cloths, various types of chemicals, and brushes can be found at your local camera store.  We do use software on your slides and negatives to remove most minor dust and light scratches.

The Media

I have a specific brand of blank media I prefer to use.  Can you place my photos on media I provide to you?  Can you place my photos on a USB Flash drive?

Yes.  Just place your media in with your order.  We will place the images on your preferred media and return them to you once processed.


Do you also scan documents?

Yes, we can scan both your personal or office documents to PDF files.  Call or e-mail us to discuss.

Do you scan newspaper clippings, award certificates, diplomas, etc?


Special Requests

Can you scan my photos at a higher resolution?

We currently only offer 300 d.p.i and 600 d.p.i scanning for photos.

Can you transfer home movies to DVD?

No. We do not offer this service.

Can you scan photos that are in albums ?

Yes. Please see the products link for pricing.


Can you upload my photos to my online photo service?

Yes for an additional 3¢ per photo.  Simply include the service name along with your user name and password in the comments section of the order form.   If you need photos uploaded to more than one folder, please create the folders and include specific instructions with your order.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  We also accept certified checks.  Given the many product  options we offer, we do not bill you until the job is complete.  Once complete we will send you an e-mail via email for payment or collect funds prior to delivery of your finished product.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes.  We offer gift certificates in any denomination.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes.  Simply mail 10 photos, slides, or negative frames to us.  We will convert your 10 images to digital and mail them back to you at no cost to you.  You can judge our quality for yourself.

Do you keep an archive of my pictures for future ordering?

We will keep a backup of your images for an additional charge of $10.00.  We will keep these images for one year from the date of the initial order.

Copyright Agreement

Scan To Digital will not, unless you are the owner or have permission to reproduce the work, duplicate or accept any copyrighted materials. You agree, by sending us your order that you are the owner or have permission to reproduce the work. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain a release waiver signed by the photographer if the images you submit have a copyright symbol (©).  This release waiver must state that you are allowed to have the image duplicated, restored, altered, copied or scanned. You must include a copy of this release waiver with your shipment to Scan To Digital .  If we do not receive a release waiver, you are implying that these are your images and  you grant or have permission to have it duplicated or scanned.

You agree by submitting your order to indemnify and hold Scan To Digital and its employees, agents, officers, directors,  affiliates, licensers and business partners harmless from and against any and all costs, damages, liabilities and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and costs of defense) Scan To Digital or any other indemnified party suffers in relation to or arising from a breach of your representations and warranties.

Liability Agreement

We aim to provide our customers with the very best work and we always strive to make sure to protect your order. Submitting any print, film, document, digital media, or miscellaneous object to Scan To Digital for processing, printing,  scanning, photo restoring or other handling constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that no warranty is established or entered into and any loss or damage by Scan To Digital, our company, subsidiary, or agents, will not entitle you to any compensation nor recovery. Acceptance by our company, subsidiary and/or agents of the print, film, document, digital media, original photos for restoration, or miscellaneous objects without other liability or warranty, and recovery by anyone for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded irrespective of whether the damage occurs because of our negligence, breach of contract, strict liability or other cause. We are not responsible for orders or materials left unclaimed for more than 30 days after completion of our process.  We may change our prices and services without notice.

Whether damaged by fire, lost, through negligence, theft,  or any other means, for customer supplied items that are submitted with orders Scan To Digital does not assume any liability.  YOU AGREE THAT SCAN TO DIGITAL IS NOT LIABLE AND THERE WILL BE NO COMPENSATION OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT THAT YOUR ORDER IS MISPLACED, LOST OR DAMAGED.